Application and Conditions

If you want to apply for a tailor suit excursion you can fill in the form in at the end of the page.

You will then be contacted as soon as possible and ultimately within three weeks after your application formular has been received. We advise you to apply not later than 1 month before the event and preferably 3 months ahead.

All events are offered all inclusive for EU partners exclusive VAT. All lodging, transport, food and beverages will be included in the offer.

If an event is organized a cultural part is obligatory. Marnix will contact renowned artists from his own personal network and will not ask your advise. He will fit in the performance in the program without consulting you to maximize the surprise to the audience. However: you will have to pay for it. Depending on the size of the event and your budget prices for these artists will be between € 200,00 and € 1.500,00.

Payment has to be received ultimately one week before the event starts. For big events a 50% payment after the event is concluded is negotiable.

Aquae will spend at least 10% of it’s profits directly to Bifae Education. Thus pupils in Northwest Cameroon will profit from your payments.

After submitting you'll be contacted as soon as possible but not later then 3 weeks.

Full Name(principal organizer)


Email Address

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Dates Requested

Number of People

Organizations they represent

Topics of Interest

Special food requirements

Will you have means of
transportation in the Netherlands?

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