Mission statement Aquae

Worldwide exchange of know-how in adapting to climate change
Aquae has adopted the following mission statement:

..........Stimulate the worldwide exchange of knowledge and understanding between scientists and artists on water management related to climate change adaptation................

One of the means in doing so is to establish and improve networks through organising excursions and involve intercultural exchange. Everything originates from aqua, water, the colour blue. Aquae is aqua's second case.

On the background of the banner you see Omphalos, an ancient Greek stone. In Apollo's temple it was beside Pythia, the oracle and symbolised the navel of earth. Here with a superb view to the sea earth goddess Gaia showed her full strength in the beauty of the Delphi site. Omphalos, the story and the site impressed Marnix as a teenager in 1975.