Programming possibilities

Sites to be visited
Depending on your specific interest a tailor suit program will be delivered. Examples of past programs can be send to you on request.

Lectures and lecturers
Carefully selected professionals will deliver you with well prepared presentations on the requested topics of interest. This can include lectureres from scientists (mostly Delft Technical -, Radboud - or Wageningen University) Rijkswaterstaat, Dienst Landelijk Gebied, Royal Haskoning and/or other public and private consultants.

Example of a one day visit in The Netherlands
The purpose of your visit might be e.g. a genertal overview, an in depth knowledge on a specific item or a field visit to just one project.

Example of a 3-4 days visit in The Netherlands (and Germany or London)
When you come from far and/or want to have a full overview of the way The Netherlands is coping with the challenges that climate change pose to them you can be offered a 3 to 4 days program, including 1 or 2 days leisure.

Example of 1 or 2 days visit to London
In London the choices are a 1- or 2-days visit only.