Aquae events since 2008 and onwards

Name excursion Location(s) Date(s) Participants(number) Annexes
Thames Greenwich/ London 15th May Projectteam Zwakke Schakel West Zeeuwsch-Vlaanderen:Province Zeeland, Municipality of Sluis, Waterboard Zeeuwse Eilanden, Rijkswaterstaat Zeeland & Royal Haskoning (8 pp) -
Rivers (Rhine/ Scheldt/ Thames) Antwerp/ London/ Gistel (Belgium) 1st September Waterboard Rivierenland, Province of Gelderland, Stroming, Royal Haskoning c.s. (8 pp) Photos,
PAO Thames/ London London/ Greenwich 25th & 26th September Post Academic Courses, Technical University Delft (20 pp) Program. Presentations: David Rams-bottom & Marnix de Vriend
Name excursion Location(s) Date(s) Participants(number) Annexes
Dyke relocations Nijmegen & SUD in Beek Nijmegen, Millingen, Kekerdom, Waal (boat) and Beek 24th June Vietnamese delegation from Ho Chi Min City (15 pp) Photos
Climate change orientation UK London/ Oxford/ Greenwich 14th & 15th September Rijkswaterstaat Waterdienst, KNMI, Deltares, VROM, WRU, Province Groningen (12 pp) Program Presentations: Ramsbottom & UKCIP
Urban development & Climate change; TE 2100 & Barrier visit London/ Greenwich 25th September DN Urbland, Environment Agency, Baca (6 pp) Invitation/ program
Name excursion Location(s) Date(s) Participants(number) Annexes
Dyke replacements region Nijmegen Millingerwaard/ Ooijpolder/ Waal (boat)/ Nijmegen Waalkade 15th March Gymnasium Düsseldorf and Montesori secondary school Nijmegen (35 pp) -
Volta in the Delta Rotterdam/ Maeslandkering Hoek van Holland, Neeltje Jans (stormsurge barrier Eastern Scheldt), Goes 3th June River Volta Authority Ghana (3 pp) Visual report (goodbye), Presentation Tjeerd Blauw (province Zeeland), Program,Photos
Ooij and Dyke relocation Lent Kekerdom/ Millingerwaard/ Waal (boat)/ Nijmegen 17th June Vietnamese ambassador and delegation Vietnam (6 pp) -
Delta Holland Maeslandkering/ Harbour Rotterdam (boat)/ Hoek v Holland 24th June Delegation of Mayors from Azerbidjan (14 pp) Presentation Marnix de Vriend,
Climate change and water management UK/NL King’s College Strand, London & walk along Thames & the City 28th June Number of students of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences Water management (10 pp) -
Name excursion Location(s) Date(s) Participants(number) Annexes
Watermanagement tour in The Netherlands Amsterdam, Loevestein (Waterboard Rivierenland/ NUON), Woudrichem/ The Hague (Union Waterboards & Vewin)/ Harnaschpolder Waste Water treatment plant (Delfluent)/ Maeslandbarrier/ Eastern Scheldt barrier 29 & 30th November High ranking officials Bulgarian national water authorities, Ministry and a number of CEO’s of Bulgarian water companies (18 pp) Program booklet,
Presentation Arjen Frens (Vewin)
Name excursion Location(s) Date(s) Participants(number) Annexes
Mini-water management tour in The Netherlands Oeffelt on Maas/ Beek Ubbergen (SUD’s)/ Nijmegen & Loevestein, Munnikenland (dyke relocations), R’dam 28th Sept Bill Blackledge, landscape architects, Hull (UK), municipality of Ubbergen and of Nijmegen (4 pp) Program booklet
Name excursion Location(s) Date(s) Participants(number) Annexes
“Water Werkt” Excursion Groesbeek & Beek 6th October El Mundo Nijmegen & Tiona Alverna, The Netherlands (26 pp) Booklet
Study Tour on technical assistance and supervision for Water- and Waste watermanagement (EuropAid projects) Amsterdam/ Driel/ Nijmegen/ The Hague/ Scheveningen/ Harnaschpolder/ Maesland Barrier/ City of Rotterdam/ Arnhem/ Köln (Germany) 2nd – 14th December Erdemli delegation of municipality and (Rambol Danish and Bulgarian consultants), Vitens Water, Delfluent, Municipalities of Nijmegen and Ubbergen, Waterboard Rivierenland Program Booklet
Name excursion Location(s) Date(s) Participants(number) Annexes
Orientation on climate change impacts in NL Delta and references for a possible sluice at ”Omløbsåen” (a sidestream to the Vejle Stream) Nijmegen and probably Driel (Vitens) and Tiel (Waterboard Rivierenland) 10-11th September Danish city of Vejle through Orbicon consultancy Program
Field study tour UK South Calais/ Lewes (Sussex)/ London/ Oxford/ Glastonbury (Somerset)/ Lyng West/ Folkstone/ Nijmegen 18th-20th September For Fidai PROFLO team (First Dutch Anglo Initiative to promote flood resilience) in order to prepare the 3 Days UK event on how UK communities can optimize their benefits of climate adaptation ( under tab UK event (9 pp). Program